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Who is Linda?

Hi, I’m Linda Graham, a Long Arm Quilter, Graphic Designer, mum to three beautiful kids, wife to a devoted quilting husband and favourite walker of Charlie the Labradoodle.


I’ve been quilting for about 19 years since my kids were little and we were living in a small mining town in Central Queensland. I was really missing the creative outlet of my work as a Graphic Designer while being a stay at home Mum. Little did I know that this

distraction would turn into my passion.

Designing quilts is my passion and I always have a number of my own projects on the go.

In recent years I have won an number of awards for my quilts at the QLD Quilt Show, the EKKA and the Australian Modern Quilt show in Sydney.

I’ve always enjoyed quilting my own quilts and really enjoy free motion quilting but after nudging by my husband went ahead and decided to buy a Gammill Statler Stitch which opens up all sorts of possibilities.


I am based in St Lucia in Brisbane, and offer edge to edge quilting for quilts any size up to a large king size.   You can read more about my fantastic long arm machine here: www.gammill.net